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Epic Mickey Wiki Discord Server

Welcome to the official Discord server of the Epic Mickey Wiki! This server is for wiki editors and non-editors alike to discuss the games, the wiki, and modding.


  1. This server exists primarily for Epic Mickey-related discussion. Please use the channels for their intended purposes, especially when discussing topics other than Epic Mickey.
  2. Don't spam messages, images, or reacts.
  3. No NSFW content or excessively dark memes are permitted. If your nickname or avatar falls under these categories, you may be asked to change it.
  4. No insults, slurs, or language that otherwise might make another user feel attacked.
  5. Don't self-promote. If you have an Epic Mickey-related server, message an admin so it can be considered for the #community channel.
  6. Treat other users with respect.
  7. Don't impersonate other users.
  8. The mods have the final say in any matters that can be considered disruptive to the server.


This server is moderated by the Epic Mickey Wiki administration team. If your Discord account can be traced to a banned wiki account, your punishment will carry over.


To invite others to this Discord server, please send them the link to this website instead of the discord.gg link.


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The Epic Mickey Wiki Discord server is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company.